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With a deft pen and a modern sensibility, Zenobia Neil reimagines a classical myth for a contemporary audience. Sensual and sweeping, this boldly feminist retelling of the story of Ariadne and Dionysus will leave readers breathless and enchanted.

A fresh, exciting take on familiar myths. Zenobia Neil brings familiar figures to life and gives them real agency and depth on the page. Ariadne Unraveled is a must-read for anyone who loves myth-based fiction... and appreciates a little spice.

   -Libbie Hawker, Bestselling Author of


ARIADNE UNRAVELED is one of the best retellings of an ancient Greek myth I've read, and if you aren't already in love with Dionysus, you will be. Neil's sweeping prose takes readers back to ancient Greece, where Ariadne proves to be one of the most fascinating characters in mythology. An absolutely fantastic read!"

 -Michelle Moran, USA Today Bestselling Author of CLEOPATRA'S DAUGHTER

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Ariadne, high priestess of Crete, grew up duty-bound to the goddess Artemis. If she takes a husband, she must sacrifice him to her goddess after no more than three years of marriage. For this reason, she refuses to love any man, until a mysterious stranger arrives on her island.

The stranger is Dionysus, the new god of wine who empowers women and breaks the rules of the old gods. He came to Crete seeking vengeance against Artemis. He never expected to fall in love.

Furious that Dionysus would dare meddle with her high priestess, Artemis threatens to kill Ariadne if Dionysus doesn’t abandon her. Heartbroken, the new god leaves Crete, vowing to become better than the Olympians.

From the bloody labyrinth and the shadows of Hades to the halls of Olympus, Dionysus must find a way to defy Artemis and unite with his true love. Forced to betray her people, Ariadne discovers her own power to choose between the goddess she pledged herself to and the god she loves.

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