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 Myths and Tales of Love from the Ancient World

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As a eunuch in the Ottoman Imperial Harem, Olin has already lost his home, his freedom, and his manhood. His only wish is for a painless death, until he meets Dark Star, a beautiful odalisque who promises to give him his deepest desire. He scoffs at her offer, not believing her claim to possess a jinni in a bottle. But when Dark Star is accused of witchcraft, Olin rubs the bottle in desperation and is astonished to find she’s told the truth.


Olin becomes the jinni’s master to save Dark Star, but it's not enough. In the complex world of the Topkapi Palace, where silk pillows conceal knives, sherbets contain poison, and jewels buy loyalty, no one is safe. As each wish brings unintended consequences, Olin must risk his life, his body, and his sanity to break the bonds that tie them all. 

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As an odalisque in the Ottoman Imperial Harem, Rose Spring has a very comfortable life. She is much happier than she would have been in a French convent, but despite being surrounded by silk, jewels, and delicious food, something is missing. What she wants is a lover. What she finds instead is kismet. 

"The Odalisque's Wish" is a companion short story about the world inside the Ottoman Imperial Harem.


A princess of Rome, Psyche is celebrated for her great beauty until she provokes the jealousy of Venus, the Goddess of Love. Soon Psyche finds herself naked and abandoned on a beach, awaiting sacrifice to an unknown monster.


Cupid, the winged son of Venus, arrives to bring Psyche to the palace of the monster. As he carries her, she looks into his eyes and makes the grave mistake of falling in love. Blindfolded and tied to a bed, Psyche bravely awaits her fate. Instead of offering her death, the monster offers her marriage on one condition: she must never see his face. After many dark nights together, Psyche comes to love her shadow husband. But she still can’t stop thinking about Cupid, the God of Love.


One night, consumed by curiosity, Psyche breaks her promise. Her husband, enraged, banishes her from the palace. To get back what is most important to her, Psyche must complete three impossible tasks and outwit Venus herself. If Psyche succeeds, her true love will return. If she fails, she will lose everything—including her life.

Reviews of The Jinni's Last Wish

“Hauntingly sensual, The Jinni's Last Wish is an erotic fever dream that lingers long after the last page.”

—Mia Hopkins, author of Thirsty

"Vividly imagined and achingly beautiful, this is the closest you'll get to an Ottoman harem without a time machine."  

Jessica Cale, Editor of Dirty, Sexy History

“There’s nothing better than a strong set of characters worth rooting for, a fascinating era, and a tension-filled plot, and Neil delivers all. Instantly, I fell into the Ottoman Empire and the world of Turkish harems with all of their lavishness, cruelty, and complicated power structures, and found I didn't want to leave. Sensual, magical, and meticulously researched, The Jinni's Last Wish is a scrumptious read.”

—Heather Webb, international bestselling author of Last Christmas in Paris

“The Jinni’s Last Wish is a rich, lavishly detailed story of love and loyalty. Olin, Dark Star and the jinni make an unlikely but enchanting trio forced to make desperate choices in a world of politics and intrigue. Neil’s historical research made the Topkapi Palace and the Ottoman Empire come alive.”

—Alana Delacroix, author of The Masked Arcana series

Amazon reviews Psyche Unbound

"Reminiscent of Anne Rice's erotica work as Anne Rampling. I love the way she blended mythological history with fantasy, which I found so sexy. And she does a great job of transported the reader into that world of Psyche. A great first book from author Zenobia Neil."
"The story is beautifully told, and the sex scenes are both erotic and elegantly conveyed. The love Psyche and her husband have for one another is exquisitely described and grows more timeless as it is tested. Neil breathes life into these familiar characters, unfurling the tale in a cinematic style." 
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