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Alexandra of Sparta vowed her sword and her heart to the goddess Artemis. And the goddess blessed her. But no warrior lives at peace, and soon, Alexandra loses her title, her troops, and everyone she loves, including the man who holds her heart.


Cursed by a Babylonian witch, she is forced to return to a city she once conquered to make amends. There she is captured by the powerful Persian rebel, Artaxerxes. As his prisoner, she awaits judgment for her crimes. But Artaxerxes is not what he seems. With death approaching, Alexandra must face her violent past and discover the truth of her captor’s identity before it’s too late.

Praise for The Queen of Warriors


"The Queen of Warriors is a full-blooded adventure into the ancient and mythological world of the warrior queen, Alexandra of Sparta.  Imaginative, exciting, and alluring!”

Margaret George, author of Helen of Troy 


“A sizzling epic that will tempt you into the Hellenistic age. Neil’s writing is smooth, and anyone would be hard-pressed not to fall in love with her kick-ass heroine, Alexandra of Sparta!”

— Adam Alexander Haviaras, Eagles and Dragons Publishing

"Bold, unexpected, and immensely satisfying. The Queen of Warriors is a game changer." 

Jessica Cale, editor of Dirty, Sexy History


"A surprising tale of retribution but also of redemption. Sexy yet thoughtful . . . unexpectedly moving."

L.J. Trafford, author of The Four Emperor Series

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